I am a passionate 3d artist who specializes in  modeling/texturing and sculpting..

8 years ago (as of 08/24/2008) I decided to ditch my corporate job and find myself a career in the arts. My initial estimate was, "it will only take six months!". Yeah right...

My interests lie in modeling & texturing & I am proficient/have extensive knowledge in: Mari, Substance Painter,  Zbrush, Maya, 3ds Max, Mudbox, and Photoshop.


       Skilled modeler, comfortable with all types of assets including characters, props, and sets.

       Efficient use of UV space

       Proficient in establishing realistic shaders

       Keen eye for froms, detail and color

       Skilled in Maya,Zbush, Mari, Substance Tools and Photoshop

       Can adapt easily to new workflows

       Works well in a deadline driven environment


Relevant Experience

Modeling/Texturing/Surfacing - Zoic Studios                                                                      07/2016- current

       Responsible for modeling and texturing sets and props

       Software used: Maya, Zbrush, Mari, and Photoshop



Modeling/Texturing/Surfacing - Cinematics Artist, EA                                                        08/2015- 07/2016

       Responsible for texturing and look dev for props and set elements.

       AAA Game: FIFA 2017

       Software used: Maya, Substance Painter, and Photoshop



Texturing/Surfacing Artist, Nitrogen Studios                                                                         02/2015-08/2015

       Responsible for texturing and shader setup for props, and sets.

       Feature film work: Sausage Party

       Software used: Mari, Maya, Renderman, and Photoshop



Texturing/Surfacing Artist, Rainmaker Entertainment                                                             07/2013-02/2015

       Responsible for texturing and shader setup for characters, props, and sets.

       Feature film work: Ratchet and Clank, and Sly Cooper Trailer

       DVD work: Open Season 4, and Barbie Princess of Power

       Software used: Maya, Renderman, Mudbox, Zbrush, and Photoshop


Modeling/Texturing Artist, Nerdcorps                             


       Responsible for modeling, texturing, and rigging of characters, creatures, and sets.

       Productions: Slugterra and Kate and Mim Mim

       Deliver low rez assets on tight deadlines and budgets

       Work cooperatively within a small team, primarily self-directed



3D Generalist, C4 Studios                                               


       Responsible for modeling, texturing, and rigging of characters, creatures, and props.



Education and Credentials


BA, Political Science and Philosophy – University of Toronto, 2002-2006

Character Animation Certificate – Puppets Animation School, Toronto, 2000

3D Animation Diploma – The International Academy of Design, Toronto, 1999-2000

Toronto School of Art – Art Fundamentals, 1998-1999

Ontario College of Art and Design – Art Foundations, 1998